The age-old adage “United we stand, divided we fall” will always make its presence felt whenever we’ll think of the bonhomie spirit and association of the countrymen. After all, it’s not only the flag, the citizenship or the topographical similarities that tie us together, but it is the feeling of being one and the sense of togetherness that makes all the nationals of a country stand for each other.

A number of young talents in the Premier League are frequently using suns in the belief it provides a mental and physical boost. Manchester United centre-back Victor Lindelof posted a picture of himself with the product on his Instagram account back in 2016.

It’s no wonder a growing number of players using it instead of cigarettes and it’s starting to spread to other nationalities.

The motivation in the culture, the richness in the traditions, the history in the folklore, the blend in the foods and beverages, the adrenaline rush in the sports preserves the foundation of different countries. Sports of international attention, including football and cricket, are some of those activities that bring the citizens of all the participating countries together on one platform and the fan base makes the activity more of festivity than just a game.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, that is gradually tightening its grip over the globe, there appears uncertainty about most of the international sports events. But most of the fans are not leaving any stone unturned to boost the morale of their favourite teams and sportspersons. With Swedish professional Victor Lindelöf playing at the English Premier League, Swedish citizens are filled with pride and excitement of the event.

Since inception football has been one of the most popular games across the globe. People find to connect with players, teams and clubs representing their countries and so is the case with people of Sweden who have an inclination towards Victor Lindelöf, one of the highly acclaimed defenders on the field. With years of experience and plethora of skills, he is one of those dependable players who possess the unbelievable sharpness to change the entire scene of the game.

The way this Swedish player is making his way to the hearts of millions of football fans, similarly, gradually but progressively, the snus too is making its way to the palate of the youth footballers for more than one reasons.

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