Will There Be Another Attempt at a European Super League? Most Likely, Yes!

The best clubs. The best players. The best goal scorers. Every week. This motto belongs to a proposed league that could spell the end of the competition in football.

The European Super League (ESL) fiasco lasted mere days, but it sent shockwaves across the football world. Corporate greed and elitism came in the way of competition and equal opportunity. However, if you think this is the last we’ve heard of a super league, then think again.


Euro 2020 – Welsh fans’ Predictions

High hopes for Wales fans with 96% thinking they will make it out of the group.

  • UK football fans were asked how far they think their chosen country will progress in Euro 2020
  • Only 4% of Welsh fans think they will be knocked out in the group stages of the tournament
  • 35% of Welsh fans think they will reach the quarter final stages of the tournament
Welsh football fans are in particularly confident mood heading into the Euro 2020 tournament with 35% of fans thinking they will reach the quarter final stages of the tournament this summer.

Research from 888 Sport has also revealed that only 4% of Welsh fans think they will be knocked out in the group stages of the tournament.

While most Welsh fans agreed on a perfectly respectable quarter final finish, 10% of fans were even more optimistic and thought they could reach the semi-final or even final.


Swedish snus and why are so many footballers using it?

The age-old adage “United we stand, divided we fall” will always make its presence felt whenever we’ll think of the bonhomie spirit and association of the countrymen. After all, it’s not only the flag, the citizenship or the topographical similarities that tie us together, but it is the feeling of being one and the sense of togetherness that makes all the nationals of a country stand for each other.


What makes A TRUE Football Fan

Who is a TRUE Football fan? The one who follows the game, the one who supports a player, or the one who just supports a particular team or Club? Well, there may not be a precise distinction to this but yes, the segregation doesn’t make any difference to a fan’s enthusiasm when it comes to the game called – Football or Soccer.


Club Manager 2019 releases iOS version

When it comes to Esports, not many can match the swirl of emotions that comes with playing football manager games. However, there is always a downside to everything, and for the soccer manager games found online, a majority of them are far too unbalanced and hard to master.

That could very well be the last we have seen of such games following the introduction of Club Manager 2019—an online soccer manager game for PC and iOS.