The 3 Most Amazing Barcelona Transfers To Date

Barcelona is one of the most adored La Liga clubs around. They have had numerous world-class players, like Lionel Messi, as part of their ranks since a young age, and the club’s ability to spot talent and bring it into the fold has cemented their place as La Liga giants who are not to be messed with. For those curious, these are three of the most well-timed transfers that they’ve ever made.

  1. Luis Suarez

While other players have made their mark, the courtship Luis Suarez sought out with Barcelona (for several years before being granted his wish and being signed to the club) is a fairytale moment like no other. He was transferred to them from Liverpool in 2014 for €82 million and more than proved his worth. This, despite an initial ban that saw him unable to train or play until October of that year, thanks to his 2014 World Cup antics. 

With six seasons at Barcelona under his belt, Suarez scored an incredible 195 goals and put his name up for 113 assists across his 283 games. He also picked up four league titles as well as helping them win the Champion League in 2015 and picked up four Copa del Rey trophies. As part of the top trio at the club during his time (made up of himself, Neymar, and Messi), he made a name as one of the most incredible forwards in the world and remains a top talent that many clubs are keeping an eye on.

2. Gerard Pique

With a career record of note behind him, Gerard Pique, when he transferred to Barcelona from Manchester United in 2008, is one of the best things the club ever did. He was bought for a steal at a price that every pokies online NZ player would love to win, but that pales in comparison to other transfer deals. The club paid €5 million for him, and he was an influential figure within the team for over a decade. 

Pique was a pivotal player in many aspects, and he won seven Copa del Rey trophies, three Champion League titles, as well as eight La Liga titles for the club, before ending his time there when he announced his sudden retirement plan to take place at the end of 2022.

3. Neymar

The player Neymar joined the club in 2013, for a fee of €86 million. He was the reason that both the club and vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu were charged with tax fraud but he more than repaid his initial fee with his incredible performances. So much so that the face of Neymar is one that was almost synonymous with Barcelona itself. 

The decision that he leave the club in 2017 was a sad surprise to many fans, but he left after scoring an incredible 105 goals in 186 games, as well as 76 assists. He helped the club secure six major titles and left Barcelona with more than enough compensation in transfer fees as he was bought for €222 million by PSG. This sum remains a world record transfer fee.

While Barcelona has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, they have had more than enough exciting moments to keep fans loyal. The above three players are some of the best transfers that Barcelona has ever engaged in.