Where Can I Find the Latest Football Fixtures?

You’ve got your pack of beer, maybe ordered some takeout, given the rival fans the customary bit of banter online. Maybe their striker hasn’t scored for the last few games – insert a ‘couldn’t hit a barn door’ meme here. Peak comedy. Still chuckling to yourself, you take a seat on your sofa and sift through the television channels. Something’s wrong, you can’t seem to find the match anywhere.

As the seconds tick down, you get more and more nervous. You kiss the badge on your club jersey and contemplate if a life having missed the awkward handshakes before kick-off is really worth living. Suddenly a thought crosses your mind: “what the hell is this formation?” No, not that thought. “My mate told me about this site where I can find channels and streams for football matches online” – yep, that’s the one. You pull up wheresthematch.com on your phone, find the correct channel, and tune in just as the two managers lock hands. 

Let’s be completely honest about it, some fans have it easier than others; if you’re a Manchester United fan, a Liverpool fan, a Manchester City fan, or belong to any of the other major fanbases across the globe, television channels will hold weekly fistfights for the broadcasting rights for your fixtures. (I can’t seem to come up with any other reason for why the broadcaster would always be so random). On the other hand, smaller teams frequently get nowhere near as much coverage and you may have to sift through countless broadcasters and *ahem* legal sites in order to find a decent stream. Whichever end of the scale you fall on, Wheres The Match is here to help through our comprehensive TV guide featuring everything from Champions League knock out matches to pre-season friendlies. 

While Football is where we made our name, we also offer TV guides for various other sports. Whether it be Rugby, Cricket, Formula One, or pretty much anything else, avoid a tactical disaster-class with the help of Wheres The Match. 

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