A good soccer academy creates an optimal environment where your child can practice soccer at a high level, enhance their talent, and develop new skills. There are thousands of good soccer academies across the nation, but how do you know which one is the best for your child? How do you navigate the vast choice of academies available?

Below, we have identified a few qualities of a good soccer academy.  

Welfare and Accommodation

A good soccer academy has a rigorous welfare and accommodation policy and is managed by a trained and experienced academy manager. A good soccer academy complies with national standards and accreditation requirements and safeguards the health and safety of students. 

Mentoring and Tutorials

Football academies manage the dreams and ambitions of young players. A good football academy near me has coaches who:

  • Act with caution;
  • Are sensitive to students’ needs;
  • Ensure that young players are properly mentored.

A good football academy also has coaches that are honest and willing to have an open dialogue with young players so that they know where their true potential lies. 

Qualified Coaching Staff

A good football academy near me has a coaching staff that is thoroughly vetted and meets all nationally recognized football coaching qualifications. Your mind will be at ease knowing that your child is being trained by a qualified coach with a great professional career. 


We can all agree that sitting in a car for hours is not fun for players or parents. You should choose a football academy near me because an academy that geographically puts a strain on your child may tarnish your child’s love for the sport. 

It is vitally important to consider the required travel for tournaments, games, and practices. The ultimate goal of joining a soccer academy is to achieve optimal wellness, and when a three-hour drive is attached each way, your child may start to lose interest in the sport.

Quality Assurance

Is the football academy affiliated with a reputable football organization? In the U.S., serious football academies seek affiliation with the United States Soccer Federation or are owned and accredited by accrediting bodies like the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. 

This means that the football academy near me is subject to regular full academy inspections, has a published inspection report, and has met rigorous quality standards.

Choose a Good Soccer Academy

Choosing a football academy does not have to be daunting. Look out for the above qualities when conducting your search and you will find the best academy for your child.