The task for any gambler is to find a way to make the most amount of money possible while taking the least amount of risk. That’s a very difficult thing to do on a consistent basis. Why? Because of the way the numbers always favour the house. In the world of sports betting, bookmakers collect its commission (the vig) with every straight bet while counting the difference between stated odds and the true odds to claim a piece of the pie on accumulators.

What if there was a sports betting strategy that significantly reduced the bookmaker’s advantage on straight bets? Better yet, what if a strategy existed that actually guaranteed the bettor a win no matter what the outcome of a particular event might be? Good news. One does exist and it’s called matched betting.

The Matched Betting Concept

With the advent of online betting exchanges, an old betting theory was given new life. Matched betting involves the use of two separate betting accounts. One will be used to make a back bet (backing a team to win) through a traditional betting account and the other will be used to make a lay bet (acting as a bookmaker and making a line) through a betting exchange account, both bets being made on the same team in the same match or event. If handled properly, the bettor can create a situation where they win money no matter which team wins a particular game or match.

The bettor doesn’t need plenty of sports betting knowledge to successfully use this strategy. There are many computer programmers who have successfully used the matched betting concept to win money without even knowing what creates a penalty kick.

An Example by the Numbers

The best way to support this theory is to provide an example by using a Colossus promo code in a real-life situation. Let’s say Chelsea is scheduled to play Arsenal tomorrow. The lines look like this:

Chelsea +2.10

Tie +1.20

Arsenal +2.80

The bettor is going to focus on Chelsea. Through their traditional betting account, they will place a £200 bet on Chelsea for a possible net profit of £420. Through their betting exchange account, they are going to post a lay bet on Chelsea at +1.95. If and when the bet is accepted for £220, the potential net outlay would £409.

Here’s look at the possible outcomes.

If Chelsea wins, the bettor collects the back bet for +£420, pays the lay bet for -£409, net profit would be £11.

If the game ends in a ties or Arsenal wins, the bettor losses -£200 on the back bet, keeps +£220, on the lay bet, pays 5% betting exchange commission of -£11, net profit would be £9.

That’s not a huge matched bet profit, but it’s guaranteed and if repeated over and over, it could end up being decent money.