The 24th season of the Premier League is long underway, with the exciting conclusion on the 15th May 2016 fast approaching.

Despite returning champions Chelsea originally being pegged as the favourites, a 3-0 win over West Bromwich Albion back in August and an impressive performance since has seen Manchester City snatching the best Premier League betting odds of 10/11. Arsenal is looking strong in second place, with odds of 5/2, while Manchester United is firmly behind with 5/1 odds. Chelsea has slipped down the tables, with odds of 50/1 placing them as the sixth outright betting favourite, behind Liverpool and Tottenham respectively. 

But placing your money on the favourites isn’t always enough to make you consistent winnings throughout the league. For a strong and sensible betting tactic, here are 10 tips you should always keep in mind.

1) Watch as many fixtures as possible

Although you will probably have a team you adamantly support, you should avoid limiting yourself to only their games. If you want to get serious about betting on the Premier League, watch as many fixtures as possible to get a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all the teams. You will then have better knowledge and insight when it comes to branching out and placing bets on teams you may not have backed previously. 

2) Don’t be afraid to bet on another team

Don’t let loyalty to your team result in losses. By all means, place a bet on your favourites, but put your money behind other teams that look strong in their performance. You can even place bets on rival teams, so if they win over your favourites, at least you will have some winnings to comfort you.

3) Stay up to date with the latest injury and substitution news

An injury to a star player can cause massive disruption to a team’s performance on the pitch. In order to know where best to bet, it’s important that you make sure you know who is injured and who is substituting. You can install apps such as Sky Sports on your phone, so you can easily keep up to date with all the latest news from the Premier League, no matter where you are.

4) Find predictions from industry experts

If you don’t have time to meticulously watch every fixture and browse all the sports headlines, then search for predictions from industry experts. These can be found on various sportsbook and news sites and give you valuable information on the teams, players and manager’s tactics in bite-size chunks. These can be extremely helpful when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is.

5) Set spending limits and stick to them

Once you know how you are going to be wagering, you’ll need to get sensible about your spending. With all the action unfolding, it can be easy to get caught up in the game, but this means you can also end up overspending. Set yourself a limit on how much you are going to bet per game. This should never be more than you are happy to lose. This way, you can be certain that an unsuspected goal will never result in financial disappointment. 

6) Opt for combination bets over accumulators

Accumulator bets can be tempting, as they promise the potential of huge payouts for small stakes. However, instead of landing you with a fortune, your accumulator is far more likely to end in one or two of your predictions being wrong, and losing your entire wager with nothing to show for it. Instead, place combination bets. Avoid short prices and be aware that the more teams you bet on, the higher your cost will be.

Pick a selection of four or more predictions, then bet on trebles within those teams. This way, if one of your predictions turn out to be wrong, you won’t lose out on any of your winning bets. You have more insurance of a profit when one of your teams lose, and you still have the chance that all your selections will win and your higher stake will earn you a higher winning. 

7) Shop around for the best odds

If you are going to bet on Premier League games, then you should make sure you are getting the best odds.  Although most high street betting shops and online sportsbooks will offer very similar odds, there is always some variation between them. Websites like let you see all the odds from the major bookmakers in one place, so spend a little time shopping around. It could earn you some extra spending money.

8) Keep an eye on changing odds

Although the best Premier League betting odds to win league championship outright are currently in Manchester City’s favour, one bad match can change all this is a second. A great performance from another team could see them shoot up the tables and steal the best odds. It’s therefore never good enough to just check the odds once or twice. Try to check the odds on your team after every match and always before you place a bet.

9) Minimise monetary risk by taking advantage of sign up deals

Most online bookmakers give new customers great sign up deals and free bets. These can help reduce your monetary risk and let you earn winnings for free. Check multiple betting websites and register for new accounts to take advantage of these generous promotions.

10) Don’t let big wins go to your head

Correctly predicting the outcome of a match and landing big cash is one of the best feelings when it comes to sports betting. However, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to become overconfident and start betting recklessly. Remember that the result lies with the players on the pitch, and there are multiple factors that can suddenly shake up their chances of a victory. Don’t be afraid to take risks when you can afford them but otherwise, always carefully review a bet, do your research and wager a sensible amount, no matter how successful you may have been with the last minute bet in the past.