If you’re looking to make some money, you could do a lot worse than placing an accumulator. Nothing beats watching football with a few quid riding on the result and with an accumulator you’re amping up that experience as you’re not just betting on a single match.

What exactly is an accumulator?

An accumulator is a bet on the outcome of a pre-determined number of events. After each successful outcome the winnings are carried over and used as the stake on the next event.

For example a typical accumulator bet might be over four football matches. You pick four teams you think will win their games and place an accumulator to that effect. Each time your team wins instead of collecting a payout, your winnings are used as the stake on the next match and so on, hence the name accumulator as the winnings accumulate.

If at any point one of your teams loses you lose. Even if the first three matches went the way you predicted, if the forth team lose, you lose.

For that reason football accumulators are not easy to win but the payouts can be astronomical. Even when the money you put down is fairly insignificant. Most online bookies will accept initial stakes of as little as £1.

Tips for Accumulator bets

Look to the lower leagues

The best tip I can give you when it comes to placing an accumulator is this; don’t just bet on the big games. There are tons of opportunities in the lower leagues. The actual games might not be as exciting but I can assure you that will change as soon as you have an accumulator riding on the results.

Do your research

That might sound obvious, but too many sports bettors dive in without doing any research and that’s a mistake with any kind of bet. However when you’re relying on so many factors it can be suicidal with an accumulator. It pays to do a bit of research even if you feel you know the teams and are confident you’re making the right picks. Look at the historic results of each pairing. Are the same players in the current line-ups; is the team you’re betting on at home or away this time?

Be careful

Accumulators are tough to pull off so keep your bets small, a ten pound stake is huge for an accumulator. Start off small and remember the more links in the chain the more likely it is to break, so betting on four to six teams is the safest bet. It can be tempting to go for a longer chain when you work out the potential payouts, however once you’re betting on more than six outcomes the odds of winning become too low to make it worthwhile for most bettors.

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