Founded in 2004, Matchbook was acquired by investors in the UK seven years later and in the decade that the company has been in operation, it has grown to become one of the most popular betting exchanges on the ‘net’. That popularity has been developing in a competitive market where ‘household names’ tend to dominate but anyone sticking with an exchange out of familiarity may well be losing out where it matters most – in the pocket.

Offers and Promotions

Matchbook may be short on gimmicky offers but it more than compensates with a reduced rate of commission that can seriously boost your profits during the calendar year. On all trades, the exchange will only apply 1% and when you remember that some of the company’s competitors can levy as much as 7%, that will make a huge difference to your returns.

Small Margins make a big Difference is Matchbook’s motto on this point but several promotions throughout the calendar can reduce that rate even further. These are changing all the time but as an example, a 0% special rate was brought in on live betting in the later stages of the 2014 Wimbledon and French open tennis championships.

In addition, the standard level of 1% was cut in half on Asian Handicap trades at the World Cup of 2014 and this 0.5% rate is set to continue for the new Premier League season. Keep checking the site for details of any further deals.

The peer to peer trading that comes with a betting exchange means that odds are always favourable and the liquidity that allows Matchbook to keep their commissions low makes them a name you can trust.

Website and customer service

To be successful at a betting exchange you need to think and act quickly but it’s no use having great speed of thought if your provider’s website continues to let you down. That may have been the case with other outlets but at Matchbook, website reliability is a real bonus.

Constant monitoring shows a lack of ‘freezing’ or general downtime and that allows each customer to continue their trades without interruption.

The website itself is easy to follow and navigate around while there are a number of help facilities on offer. For betting exchange newbies, there is a raft of information that helps you to understand how this unique system of gambling works before you part with any money.

For advanced queries, there is a section devoted to frequently asked questions and this is one of the most comprehensive that you’ll find. Finally, if you can’t find the answer to your query there is a choice of 24/7 manned helplines, depending on where you are located.

Available Markets

Matchbook concentrate heavily on football and here you can find lists of games from across the world. Side betting may be a little limited, depending on the size of the match involved but generally you will find handicap options at the very least.

The other sports covered by the exchange are tennis, golf, rugby union, cricket, baseball, American football, basketball, boxing and MMA.


Don’t be put off by the fact that Matchbook don’t generally offer a free bet to entice new customers in or that you won’t find gimmicky offers through the life of your account. A 1% commission rate on all trades is reason enough to sign up and you can also look forward to receiving further reductions that are tied in to special events.

Add in an easy to use website with great apps for iPad and Smart Phone and you’ll realise why should be added to your betting exchange portfolio right away.

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